Why Use a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Many savvy investors believe that a commercial real estate agent can’t represent them concerning their commercial property better than themselves. Commercial real estate agents specialize in every aspect of commercial real estate and have connections in every area of the market. Here are 7 reasons why a smart investor would always use a commercial real estate agent to represent their commercial property.

  1. They save you money. Your commercial real estate agent works hard to get you the most on a sale or lease and the best deals when you lease a building. Most investors believe not using a commercial real estate agent will save them on commissions. Most investors don’t consider that by using an agent, the commercial property transaction will be executed in a professional / legal manner, commission is often built into pricing, the cost of time management, negotiation experience, market knowledge and writing of legal documents.
  2. Personalized service. Having your own commercial real estate agent representation will insure that someone is looking out for your best interest. The agent will be looking to find the best commercial property space to fit your needs. Most likely, the property you are interested in will be represented by a commercial listing agent not interested in your best interest but in the interest of their client. The built in commission will all go to the listing agent who has no incentive to make sure you get a good deal. A commercial real estate agent can provide demographics, comparable market analysis, area information and sales data that can help you when considering a particular commercial property.
  3. Market knowledge. An experienced commercial real estate agent knows the market and where the perfect location will be to attract your clientele. An experienced agent will know and be able to show you all appropriate commercial properties on the market. An agent will know or analyze nearby old and new developments that might affect the proposed location in a positive or negative way.
  4. Negotiations. The art of negotiation is developed over many years. A successful negotiator understands commercial leasing, possible options, acts as a buffer to relieve their clients stress and can work a deal to the best interest of their client. Structuring purchases or leases is complicated so having someone looking after your best interest that is knowledgeable of contracts and market conditions is of utmost importance. A knowledgeable agent can create cost saving wording or clauses to benefit you, such as terminate early, renew, free rent and options to buy, to name a few.
  5. Financing. Commercial real estate agents have relationships with many lenders. The agent can make contact with lenders able to give you competitive rates and program options for your commercial property.
  6. Networking. Commercial real estate agents have a large network of professionals to help in all aspects of the transaction as well as after transaction services. Legal, title, architectural, interior design, supplies are just a few of the network contacts an agent can help you with.
  7. Legal issues. An experienced commercial real estate agent understands and can interpret legal documents. They can help you navigate property restrictions, details, hidden costs and recommend an excellent commercial real estate attorney to review the documents.

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