Want to Make a Profit with Commercial Properties?

Everyone wants to know how to make a profit with commercial properties. Commercial real estate agents devote their time analyzing all the available commercial properties for profit making potential. Make sure when you are dealing with commercial properties to have a commercial real estate agent on your team.

Here are a few tried and true ways to profit from commercial real estate:

Supply and Demand— As the demand for commercial properties increase, the value of your property will increase. This is also referred to as appreciation. You can realize this profit by selling or refinancing.

Lease— The most successful way to profit from commercial properties is to lease an apartment, hotel room, parking space or retail space, for example.

Advertising— Many investors can profit from advertising. If your property can accommodate a billboard, you can sell space to other businesses. You can allow outside vendors to have access to your client list. A cross-advertising venture with another business can create profit. There are many ways to be creative in this category.

Other services— Offer services to current clients from other businesses you own. If you own a hotel, charge for parking. If you lease a retail space, require the tenants to use your rubbish removal service or security company. If you own a landscaping business, you can require your retail and industrial park tenants to use your landscaping business. Maybe you have a signage company that your tenants will be required to use for signage.

Flipping— Find commercial properties that are undervalued or need some work. Fix them up and flip them for a profit. This type of investing is very popular. Make sure you do your due diligence because some of these commercial properties may be money pits. Buying REO (bank owned) commercial properties at a discount can bring you some nice profits.

Want to know what makes CMG special and unique in the world of commercial property investing? We own several commercial real estate investments ourselves and we know what to look for when seeking good investments. Plus, the CMG team will do whatever it takes to earn the trust and respect of our customers, vendors, investors, and business community. When you choose CMG, you can rest comfortably with the knowledge that all of your commercial real estate investment and commercial property management needs are in the hands of seasoned commercial real estate agents.

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