What You Should Consider When Leasing Industrial Space

Industrial SpaceWhen researching industrial space, there are many things to consider. Industrial space for lease comes in many shapes and sizes. They can include light and heavy manufacturing, factory/warehouse, factory/office, research and industrial parks. You can find traditional basic industrial space to upscale industrial parks. You will need to decide what type of facility your business needs.

Things to consider when considering industrial space for lease:

  • Budget. Make sure you know your budget before looking for industrial space for lease. This will help you narrow down the choices of facilities available.
  • Rent per square foot. Know what the industrial space base rent will be as well as any additional loads or CAM fees that may increase your rent.
  • Lease terms. Most industrial space for lease terms are negotiable. You need to understand and know the market standard for base rent, free rent, security deposits, length of lease, rent increases, renewal options, restrictions, assigned parking spots, customer parking etc. An experienced commercial real estate agent can help with this information. Know what is included in the rent like taxes, utilities, services (security, maintenance, etc) and signage. Will you be restricted to use any specific vendors? Will there be any advertising/signage restrictions/guidelines? Will there be nature of business restrictions/protections?
  • Other costs. Make sure to know if there are any other/hidden industrial space costs such as load, CAM, special taxes or property fees. Will your landlord be able to raise your rent or fees each year? If so, how much? It is always wise to get all these terms in writing to avoid any misunderstandings. These details can get very costly in the future if not spelled out.
  • Utilities. Know who will pay utilities at your industrial space. Is utilities included in the rent, will you reimburse the landlord or are you responsible? Does your unit have access to all utilities including internet and telephone? If a unit does not have internet & telephone, you may be responsible to pay the utility companies to bring it into your unit.

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